CURA OF SWEDEN: +82% in Conversions and -16% in Cost per Order

CURA OF SWEDEN: +82% in Conversions and -16% in Cost per Order

Cura of Sweden leveraged Cassandra to measure and optimize their marketing mix to internationalize their brand



Cassandra MMM is a self-service software that enables businesses to model their media mix effectiveness and receive media plans that maximize their sales.

We have collaborated with Cura Sweden, a Swedish company that develops high-quality and innovative sleep-enhancing products for a better sleep health.


Cura Sweden was struggling to internationalize their brand in multiple countries maintaining marginal costs in line with their financial projections.

Multitouch attribution was not enough because the long time to purchase did not allow Google Analytics to track performances properly and understanding the contribution of each investment on their sales was impossible.


Cassandra MMM worked closely with Cura of Sweden to analyze their media mix and develop a customized media plan that would maximize their sales.

By using our cloud-based software, we were able to model their media mix and investments scenario that improved the effectiveness of their marketing channels.


Our collaboration with Cura Sweden resulted in significant improvements in their advertising budget, total paid orders and cost per order.

  • +82% in Orders from paid media

  • -16% In cost per conversion

  • +52% marketing budget invested

Cassandra was able to identify which marketing channels were providing the best ROI and optimize their media mix accordingly, resulting in a significant improvement in their sales and advertising budget allocation.


Cassandra MMM’s collaboration with Cura Sweden was a success, as we were able to provide them insights into the effectiveness of their marketing channels and develop a customized media plan that maximized their sales.

Our cloud-based software is a game-changer for businesses looking to optimize their media mix and improve their sales performance.

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