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Media Effectiveness


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of Ad-Spent analyzed by Cassandra

Your client's attributions are broken?

Cassandra helps you mitigate the risk of wrong measurementsIt enables your agency to run Marketing Mix Modeling analysis that measure the real impact of your media in 10 minutes.

Your agency will receive real continuous insights from marketing performance and to build scenarios for optimal spend for your client.

Whitelabel Experience
Boost your brand presence and client trust by offering an MMM service under your own brand, seamlessly integrated without third-party interferences
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Laptop with Cassandra Platform
Seamless Integrations
Cassandra connects directly to your Marketing Data Sources or Data Warehouse.

Otherwise just upload a CSV
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Laptop with Cassandra Platform
The MMM algorithm
Leverage the power of an industry-standard MMM algorithm to deliver top-quality analyses, making you a trusted partner for your clients’ marketing needs.
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You can start using Cassandra for free. You’ll have:

- 3 model trials
- 3 Budget allocator simulations
- 1 Saved model

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We offer you a one month paid Proof of Concept(PoC) with no , we'll guide you through:

- Data onboarding
- MMM creation
- Media mix optimization

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Refresh your model & Optimize your media mix every month and see your ROI improve over time

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What they say about us

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Michael Taylor

Founder @ Vexpower
"The only way to eliminate human bias in attribution marketing is by removing our possibility to corrupt the model. Cassandra enables you to have a second brain immune to internal politics that tells you honestly what's working (or what's not)."
Eszter Mazscar with Cassandra Linear Purple Background

Eszter Mazscar

Head of Marketing @ Cura Of Sweden
Cassandra has helped us immensely to improve our understanding of what impact different activities – digital and traditional media, as well as other factors like product prices – have on our sales. Thanks to the frequent model updates we have been able to quickly improve our understanding and act upon the learnings by adjusting the media budgets. We’ve also received continuous and proactive support from the team behind Cassandra to fully take advantage of the software and MMM
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Advanced Analytics @ Spotpet
Cassandra has significantly increased my confidence in running MMMs and making budget decisions off of its insights. Their elegant and easy-to-use system has helped me streamline the MMM process to deliver consistent, highly-accurate results.