Free Marketing Mix Modeling Software: An Introduction to Cassandra

Free Marketing Mix Modeling Software: An Introduction to Cassandra

Cassandra is a free no-code marketing mix modeling software that shows you media plans that maximize your sales.

February 22, 2023


Welcome technical Marketer.

If you are searching for a solution that can help you optimize marketing investments through a simple-to-use MMM tool, you are in the right place.

The product we are presenting to you aims at eliminating marketing budget weights and optimizing your media location, making the process of MMM much easier and faster.

Marketing Mix Modeling the solution for Marketing budget waste can be incredibly expensive

Marketing mix modeling helps companies control and optimize their media investments, but the process can be incredibly resource-intensive.
It usually requires between 3 to 12 weeks of data cleaning, exploration, and upper parameterization.
In order to carry out these tasks, one would need statisticians and coders, roles that are extremely expensive in the market right now.

Existing Solutions miss scalability features

Even if you manage to do all these tasks and create your data team, all MMM solutions in the market are not scalable, they do not allow you to deploy the model in the cloud, refresh it over time to increase accuracy, and are still incredibly expensive.

In other words, they are not optimized for efficiency.

Intro to Cassandra: The easiest way of working on a Marketing Mix Modeling project

Cassandra is on a mission of democratizing Marketing Mix Modeling to eliminate marketing budget waste.

  • It enables you to create your MMR in 10 minutes.

  • There are no coding and no statistical skills needed. Thanks to the ease no code UI interface, the UX has been optimized for non-technical marketers so everyone can use it.

  • It’s scalable: which means you can train your model in the cloud, so you can train multiple models simultaneously and achieve scalability.

  • MMMM insights on steroids: each insight allows for immediate interpretation. It allows you to take action right away. All the outputs are simplified for non-technical people so everyone can understand them.

Results achieved by Cassandra

We have worked with top brands to optimize their media investments and maximize their ROI.

One of our clients was, which is the biggest seller in the shipping industry.

They adopted Cassandra to quickly identify which campaigns were wasting their money and which ones weren’t.

We used their M builder and budget allocator and managed to reduce the cost per action and the cost per conversion by 30%.

How Does it work?

Cassandra is composed of 4 steps:

  1. upload your CSV file like a normal dataset, select your feature, and set up all the requirements through a simple form.
  2. train the model in the cloud with one button click (training usually takes one hour)
  3. choose the best-performing model
  4. start analyzing your past performances and maximize your marketing array right away thanks to the budget allocator.

How to access Cassandra

We want to give you Cassandra and enable you to try it for free.

You can go inside and create your model and start your MMR analysis right away.

Currently, the software is free with no limitations.

Click here to access it: Access to Cassandra

In the future, we may bring limitations, so hurry up and try it.

If you need support, click here to access our Slack Channel


In conclusion, Cassandra is a free no-code marketing mix modeling software that is democratizing the industry. It is accessible to everyone, regardless of technical ability, and can help maximize your ROI.

Try it out for free and see the